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Claims that ‘renewable gas’ is making MasterChef ‘greener’ are under scrutiny following a complaint to the ACCC.

Climate communications group, Comms Declare, has asked the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate claims by the Australian Gas Network (AGN) as part of its sponsorship of Australia’s most loved cooking show.

Specific claims in the complaint include MasterChef host Andy Allen in Episode 4 saying “And I’m excited to say this year, MasterChef is going greener with renewable gas”.

Founder of Comms Declare, Belinda Noble said “We believe that hundreds of thousands of MasterChef fans are being deceived into thinking that the gas used in the program is good for the planet.

“The biomethane and grey hydrogen used in the MasterChef kitchen is not renewable, not low emissions, not commercially viable and not available in ordinary Australian homes.

“We call on MasterChef producers to drop this polluting sponsor and move to induction cooking, like their counterparts around the world.”

News of the AGN MasterChef sponsorship deal has been widely slammed.

Environment Victoria’s Climate Campaign Manager Joy Toose said “Pretending we can use hydrogen or biomethane in our gas network is an impractical fantasy. We couldn’t make anywhere near enough biomethane to cover our needs, and hydrogen is far too expensive for household use. It would require a complete overhaul of the gas network and the replacement of every single gas appliance.  

“Switching to efficient electric heating, cooking and hot water systems is not only better for our health and for the climate, they’re also more affordable to run. 

“It’s no coincidence that as the Victorian government looks to give more households access to electric appliances and phase out gas, the gas network owners are paying MasterChef big bucks to create confusion about the need to electrify. It’s a cynical attempt to stall progress to preserve their massive profits.”

The complaint was prepared and lodged by the Environmental Defenders Office.

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