Committed to the Climate


Individuals - ACT

Abbey Wright, Communication and media

Alex Kelly, Filmmaking and Communication

Ali Javed, Sales and Marketing

Alison Orme, Strategic Media and Communication

Amanda Gordon, Marketing Management

Andrea Fagg, Communication

Anisha Bhardwaj, Public Relations & Communications

Anna Erbrederis, Communications

Anna Lycett, Marketing & Communication

Annabelle Lukin, Linguistics

Ava Lawler, Consulting

Beau O’Sullivan, Media and Communications

Bek Drayton, Marketing

Belinda Noble, Public Relations

Blair Palese, Editing and Writing

Cally Jackson, Communication

Cameron Wheatley, Digital Media

Campbell Simpson, Content Strategy

Carly West, Marketing and Communication

Carolin Wenzel, Communication

Caroline Gardam, Communications

Charles Watson, Health Communication

Chelsea McLean, Freelance PR

Chris Grose, Filmmaking / animating

Christian Slattery, Campaigning

Christine Clarke, Creative

Christine Griffiths, Journalism

Christopher Doyle, Brand Identity and Creative Direction

Christopher Sewell, Marketing & Communication

Claire Scobie, Communication

Constanze Adolf, Communication Project Coordination

Craig Cormick, Marketing and Communication

Dale Amtsberg, Communications

Damon Gameau, Film maker

Danielle Preston, Media Economics

Darren Woolley, Marketing and Communication

Dean Harris, Market Research

Delwyn Langdon, Manager & Climate Reality Project Leader

Denise Shrivell, Media, Sales and Marketing

Elena Antoniou

Eleanor Moss, Marketing

Elise Margaritis, Marketing and Communications

Elizabeth Picker, Marketing

Ellie-Lea Jansson, Relationships and Events

Gayle Dallaston, Marketing and Communication

Hannah Silverton, Publicity

Hassan Mohamed, Marketing and Communication

Haylee Hackenberg, Communication

Helen Kinniburgh, Writing and Editing

Issac Oron, Marketing

Ivy Hajduk, graphic designer

Jackie Hanafie, Public Relations

James Lush, Media, Marketing and Communication

Jan Wisniewski, Editing

Jasmin Daly, Marketing and Communication

Jasmine Turvey, Communication

Jen Martin, Science Communication and Education

Jenni Metcalfe, Science communicator

Jeremy Richman, Communication and Branding

Jodie Martire, Editing

Joel Trethowan, Media

John Englart, Journalist and Communication

Jonathon Dutton, Producer & Director

Karl Tischler, Communication

Kate Donnelly, Editing/Communications

Kieran Bicheno, Media Research

Keith Hutchings, Marketing and Communications

Kendall Murphy, Customer Service, Communication, Marketing

Ketan Joshi, Communications

Kylee Carpenter, Communication

Lachlan Dale, Digital Strategy

Laura A’Bell, Marketing and Communication

Leib Leventhal, Graphic Design

Leigh Baker, Writing and Podcasting

Lindi Glass, Marketing

Lisa Hiller, Communication Strategy

Louise Morris, Communication and Campaign Mobilisation

Lucy Manne, Community Engagement and Campaigning

Lucy Piper, Public Relations

Lucy Piper, Marketing, Creative and Communication

Luisa Low, Public Relations

Luke Dean-Weymark, Marketing, Branding and Advertising

Luke Skinner, Digital and Community

Makie Fuse, Marketing and Comms

Malcolm Paterson, Communication and Engagement

Marc-Antoine Dunais, Communications and Systems Design

Mark Spencer, Podcast Publisher, Editor, Host and Producer.

Marty Logan, Journalism and Communication

Matt Bray, Marketing

Matt Levinson, Communication

Matt Newell, Advertising and Design

Megan MacNeill, Personal Branding

Melanie Audrey, Public Relations

Melanie Greblo, Communications and Engagement

Melanie Starr, Communication

Melinda Denham, Communication and Marketing

Michael Mazengarb, Journalist

Mik Aidt, Journalist & communication consultant

Mona Jensen, Marketing and Communication

Muneesh Wadhwa, Communication and Community Building

Natalea Iskra, Copywriting

Natalie Dean-Weymark, Marketing, Branding and Advertising

Natalie Woods, Copywriting and Storytelling

Nicholas Cleaver, Advertising

Nicole Krause, Marketing and Digital Strategy

Nelli Stevenson, Communications

Noelle Greenwood, Digital Marketing and Communication

Odette Barry, Publicity

Paul Sheridan, Communication and Engagement

Peter Helft, Videography

Phil Preston, Speaker on Profit with Purpose

Phil Stubbs, Journalism

Pip Helene, Marketing and Business Development

Preethi Mohan, Marketing

Rachael Bernstone, Journalist and Comms Advisor

Ranya Alkadamani, Communication

Rebecca Huntley, Communications

Ren Adams, Communications

Richard Cooke, Creative Design

Rod Quantock OAM, Comedy

Rowena Harding, Communications

Rune, Advertising and Media Relations

Ruth Dearnley, Strategy, Advocacy and Communications

Samantha Hardy, Non-Profit Strategy & Philanthropy Advice

Sandy McDonald, Communication

Sean Marsh, Ethical Business Design and Strategy

Shanelle Clapham, Digital Consultant and Campaigner

Shanice Love, Advertising

Stephen De Kalb, Marketing communication

Stuart Crossman, Publishing

Suzanne Worner, Marketing and communication

Tanya Wilkins, Science Communication

Taylar Registro, Fundraising

Tessa Fluence, Strategic communication

Thomas Schroder, Marketing

Vicki Kyriakakis, Marketing and Communication

Victor Maree, Advertising

Vindhya Barwal, PR

Virginia Gordon, Marketing, Communications, and Public Affairs

Wendy Cox, Communication

Wesley Ward, Communication and Research

Willow Aliento, Journalism and Communication

Individuals - DECLARE

Alice Almeida, Media and Marketing

Alison Fenton, Marketing and Communication

Anna Moltchanski, Marketing and Communication

Anto Hermida, Marketing and Fundraising

Ayeley Mendel, Customer Experience

Barbara Ryan, Public relations and Community Engagement

Bo Tam, Graphic Design

Bobbijo Harrison, Digital Marketing and Communication

Bronwyn Smithies, Science Communication

Danielle Koopman, Communication

Donna Wiltshire, Marketing and Communication

Dr Christiaan Willems, Consultant & Coach

Elena Theinschnack, Strategic Marketing and Business Development

Elisabeth Spits, Behaviour and Communication Strategy

Elise Catterall, Writing

Emily Gregg, Communication Research

Grace Wilson, Marketing and Communication

Jai King Koi, Marketing, podcasting, Event management

Janine Scott, Marketing, Communication and Engagement

Jasmin Raisbeck, Communication

Jason Kotzur, Digital Marketing

Julian Barrans, Marketing management consultant

Julie Martyn, Teacher Training and Editing

Kim Quinlan

Koren Helbig, Communication, Media and Fundraising

Linda Carroli, Stakeholder Engagement & Writing

Liz Gofton, Communication

Liz McLaughlin, Communication

Louise Morland, Marketing and Communication

Lucy Best, Communication and Engagement

Marc-Antoine Dunais, Communications and Systems Design

Margot Gorski, Public Relations

Mark Garner, Marketing and Communication

Mary McMillan, Science Communication

Matthew McKern, Graphic Design

Mel Saxby, Communication

Naomi Kroll, Marketing Professional

Neil Rangeley, Relationship Manager

Nicole Holyer, Communication

Pam O’Connor, Media Consulting and StartUp Investment

Rayane Tamer, Communication

Richard O’Neill, Communication and Storytelling

Sarah English, Communication

Stefan Spaulding, Marketing and Communication

Susan Beverly

Vegar Carlson, Bid Management

Yvonne Salarimatin, Digital Collaboration

Private Members

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Society has the solutions to the climate crisis but lacks the political and social will to change. So, together, we must change the climate narrative.

Is your organisation part of the solution?

Declare that your organisation will not support any activities, organisations or individuals that promote the growth of fossil fuels.

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