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A radio ad for the ‘Renewable Gas’ sponsorship of MasterChef is being scrutinised by Ad Standards for alleged greenwashing.

Climate communications group, Comms Declare and the Environmental Defenders Office submitted the complaint, which Ad Standards has confirmed is being examined by its Community Panel.

It follows a separate greenwashing complaint about ‘Renewable Gas’ to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in May.

The radio ad states that ‘Renewable Gas’ has ‘no additional emissions’ and that a ‘carbon-friendly croquembouche would taste even sweeter’.

Founder of Comms Declare, Belinda Noble said “We believe this ad breaks  advertising rules that require specific, clear green claims with relevant disclaimers. 

“Renewable Gas is a vague term that refers to several hydrogen and biomethane products at different concentrations and availability, and those used in the MasterChef kitchen still create significant climate pollution.

“The ad was played on 3AW’s AFL show, showing the gas industry is targeting Victoria, where gas has been banned in new homes,” added Noble.

MasterChef Gas Backlash

  • Network 10 and Australian Gas Networks were questioned at the recent Senate Inquiry into Greenwashing about the MasterChef sponsorship.
  • Environment Victoria has released a MasterChef parody video and a petition to MasterChef.
  • The sponsorship has also been criticised by The Grattan Institute and Doctors for the Environment.
  • The Secretary-General of the United Nations has called on all media companies to stop advertising fossil fuels.

‘Renewable Gas’ is a brand created by  Jemena, ATCO, Solstice and Australian Gas Networks (AGN).

The full text of the radio ad is: “The stoves are firing up in the MasterChef kitchen and this year they’re cooking with renewable gas. It’s just like natural gas, reliable with perfect control for your culinary creations. But the difference is there’s no additional emissions. Imagine, a carbon-friendly croquembouche would taste even sweeter. It’s why we’re working towards a renewable gas future. Search renewal dot gas dot au to find out more.”