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Comms Declare calls for agencies to drop laggard clients – including the Federal Government

The most comprehensive reportever into the impacts of climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s AR6 WG2, has painted a grim picture of the future without immediate and drastic emissions cuts.

It finds that we’re on track to warm by 2.7C degrees by 2100, far in excess of the 1.5C Paris goal that seeks to maintain a liveable climate.

The Australian Government’s emissions reduction goal is 26-28% by 2030 – while a 75% reduction is recommended to stay at 1.5C.

The Climate Council says, if all countries followed Australia’s lead, we would be tracking more closely to a 3.6C temperature rise by 2100. This rate of warming would be a cataclysmic outcome for human societies and for the ecosystems we rely on.

Comms Declare Founder Belinda Noble said: 

“There is nowhere to hide if you’re helping or protecting the biggest single cause of global warming – fossil fuels.

“Coal must be phased out this decade and gas extraction needs to be reduced, not expanded.

“As the Federal Government is not only allowing, but actively supporting and financing fossil fuel expansion, we call on agencies to refuse to work for it.

“If you are working with any client that is not on track to reduce emissions by at least 50% this decade, then you are enabling the climate emergency.”

About Comms Declare

Based in Australia, Comms Declare represents more than 330 communications professionals, agencies and organisations who have declared they will not promote:

  • the growth of fossil fuels
  • high greenhouse gas pollution as ‘business as usual’
  • deception, distraction or spin around science or climate actions.not promote fossil fuels companies or products

Comms Declare focusses on pressuring Australian agencies to work for the good of the climate, in recognition that Australia is a top exporter of fossil fuels. It maintains a list of local agencies working with fossil fuel clients.