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Big oil, coal and gas bankrolls annual parliament house function

Comms Declare, an industry body representing hundreds of workers in advertising, media, PR and marketing, has called for parliamentarians and journalists to boycott the annual Midwinter Ball over its fossil fuel sponsors.

The press gallery function is sponsored by Woodside and Shell as well as two lobbying firms with fossil fuel clients.

Hawker Britton represents Blue Energy and Equinor. Nexus APAC lobbies for Glencore, the world’s largest exporter of thermal coal.

It comes after the latest IPCC Report (AR6 WG3) found Australia’s media and public debate has been influenced by fossil fuel industries that promoted climate scepticism.

Chapter 13 states, “Fossil fuel industries have unique access to mainstream media, via advertisements, shaping narratives of media reports, and exerting political influence in countries like Australia.”

Belinda Noble, Founder of Comms Declare said;

“It seems the Canberra bubble is made of oil. 

“Nothing says political integrity less than big fossil fuel companies and their lobbyists funding Canberra’s biggest political booze up.

“We call on politicians and journalists who care about global warming and integrity to boycott this event in protest of the insidious influence of fossil fuel companies that are hindering climate action.”