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Dear Mr Crowe and Mr Massola

I am writing on behalf of Comms Declare, a group of communications professionals promoting climate action.

We are asking you to please drop Woodside, Shell, Nexus APAC and Hawker Britton as  sponsors of the Midwinter Ball and refuse any future sponsorships from fossil fuel companies, or their lobbyists.

Air pollution from burning fossil fuels kills Australians (5,700) every year, more than asbestos or road accidents. Burning fossil fuels is responsible for 89% of global warming, the devastating impacts of which are already apparent.
As you know, marketing, PR people and journalists are not always held in the highest esteem by the public. This is why we must be above any suspicion of influence by corporate actors.
This is especially the case for coal, oil or gas companies who have successfully stopped, delayed and prevented emissions reductions efforts in Australia.
Our media release on this issue is here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss.

Kind Regards
Belinda Noble