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Everyone needs to save money right now, but Shell Australia is using the cost of living crisis to improve its image and grow its social media presence.

It’s using influencers to giveaway free petrol. Check out the ads by Instagram celebrities that have paid agreements with the major polluter:

Maria Thattil (239k followers)
Matty Fahd (91.2k followers)
Sarita Holland (29.9k followers)
Brodie Holland (20k followers)
Rachel De Oliveira (27.1k followers)
Therese Lum (55.9k followers)
The Real Dads of Melbourne (123k followers) 
Sanjna Pathania (55.3k followers)
Grant Denyer (445k followers)
Riana Crehan (71.8k followers)

This might seem like a nice thing to do until you realise that the rising price of petroleum is the main reason for the cost of living crisis in the first place, all while Shell Australia’s profit nearly tripled in the past year. To put things in perspective, Shell gave away a handful of $100 vouchers and its profit was $4 billion with a ‘b’.

Apart from alleged greenwashing, unsafe work practices and lobbying against climate action, Shell Australia also produced 19.1 million tonnes of CO2 since 2016 – the same as 986,800 Australians create in a year.

Tell politicians to ban fossil fuel influencers at