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One of Australia’s largest coal miners, and the world’s biggest exporter of thermal coal, has launched a brand campaign that doesn’t mention coal.

It is the mining giant’s first national brand campaign and is full of the messages we’ve come to expect from the fossil fuel industry; that they are necessary for everyday life, required for renewables and are all about innovation and the future.

The tag line is eerily familiar…

Glencore:  Advancing everyday life
AGL:           Advancing Australia
BP:             Advancing possibilities
Shell:         Powering progress 

And the campaign attempts to give the corporation a gentle, green personality that contemplates its self-identity in a forest.

The campaign doesn’t mention coal or oil, but instead focuses on nickel, zinc and cobalt while showing EVs and windmills.

Interestingly, the company’s latest production report shows that its coal production increased by 16% and oil output was up 40% on the same quarter last year.

Meanwhile, despite apparent plans to reach ‘net zero’ it is also applying to open a $1.5 billion coal mine in Queensland.

Little wonder it feels the need to improve its brand. It’s cheaper to look green than to be green.

Campaign Edge Sprout is an ad agency that has worked for Glencore. It also produces a Territory Q an ‘independent business magazine’ that writes positive stories about the company, including this glowing article about the continuation of Glencore’s McArthur River Mine.

It doesn’t mention that the mine had created widespread environmental damage and there are ongoing claims of insufficient regulation.