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Comms Declare has welcomed the announcement that Yarra City Council will debate restrictions on coal, oil and gas ads on Tuesday, 19th of April.

In an Australian first, the Council will remove support for fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships on council-run land.

The motion has been put forward after extensive consultation with local stakeholders.

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Notice of Motion

Fossil Fuel Advertising on Council Property

Yarra Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2017 and adopted its first Climate Emergency Plan in 2020. Fundamental to the Climate Emergency is supporting the phasing out of the burning of fossil fuels to a renewable energy future.

Council’s Ethical and Procurement and Investment Commitment includes a negative screening for companies whose products, services or practices cause unacceptable damage to the natural environment. Included are:

  • Thermal coal and 
  • Unconventional oil and gas production

Yarra Council has been carbon neutral in its operations since 2010 and is supporting its community toward a goal of net zero emissions by 2030. Burning fossil fuels is incompatible with this.

Council has been approached by Comms Declare About – Comms Declare a volunteer run, non partisan group of communications professionals committed to a transition to a climate friendly future.

Comms Declare has commenced a campaign to ban fossil fuel advertising in Australia and is seeking support from local government for this position. 

Yarra Council does not host commercial advertising on its buildings or property in general. However, there may be opportunities where advertising for companies involved with fossil fuel production or supply may occur through sponsorship of sporting clubs using council sports grounds, public events and festivals on council land or property, for example, where users wish to display signage from their sponsors in some form.

The conditions of hire of council facilities and use of council land for events includes conditions which are consistent with many adopted Council Policies but have not been updated to reflect the Climate Emergency or Council’s Climate Emergency Plan.

Advertising of companies involved with fossil fuel production or supply on council property or facilities would be inconsistent with this adopted Council position. 

It is timely to review and update all guidance on use of council land and facilities to reflect community expectations and Council’s Climate Emergency Plan.


  1. That Yarra Council not support the advertising of companies involved in the production or supply of fossil fuels on council property, consistent with its Climate Emergency Plan.
  2. That Council call for an officer report on the implications of not permitting advertising for companies involved in the production or supply of fossil fuels on council property, and a process for phasing this in.
  3. That this report be presented to Council no later than the July 12th Council Meeting.