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Australian creatives are being urged to reject working on fossil fuel accounts, as France follows Amsterdam and bans fossil fuel ads.

France’s Climate and Resilience Bill was passed on Tuesday, and included several laws designed to curb the marketing of climate-damaging products and services.

The measures include ending ads for fossil fuel energies from the second half of 2022, banning the advertising of high-emitting cars, and curbs on advertising signs.

Founder of Comms Declare, Belinda Noblesaid: “Anyone marketing coal, oil or gas in Australia should be considering how it’s going to look on their resume.

“Stimulating consumer demand for products that are damaging people’s health and the climate is increasingly being recognised as unacceptable and it’s only a matter of time before it is reduced or stopped in Australia.

“Younger creatives, in particular, will feel the effects of a heating climate and they should be telling their bosses they don’t feel comfortable promoting greater use of coal, oil or gas,” she added.

Campaigns against fossil fuel advertising and greenwashing have grown in recent years – with actions by Bushfire Brandalism and Brandalism UK.

Comms Declare represents more than 290 individuals and 70 organisations that have declared they will not promote the growth of fossil fuels or spin climate science.

Declare for the climate now.