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Dear Conservation Volunteers Australia,

I am writing to express my concern regarding the renewed partnership between Conservation Volunteers Australia and Chevron. While I greatly admire the work that Conservation Volunteers Australia does in protecting and preserving our environment, I believe that this partnership undermines the organization’s environmental credentials.

Chevron, as a multinational oil and gas corporation, has a well-documented history of environmental degradation and controversy. From oil spills to environmental pollution, Chevron’s track record is far from aligned with the values of conservation and sustainability that Conservation Volunteers Australia stands for.

By associating with Chevron, Conservation Volunteers Australia risks damaging its reputation and credibility as a champion for environmental conservation. It sends a conflicting message to the public and undermines the trust that supporters and volunteers have placed in the organization.

I urge Conservation Volunteers Australia to reconsider its partnership with Chevron and instead seek collaborations with organizations that are genuinely committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. By aligning with companies that share its values, Conservation Volunteers Australia can uphold its mission with integrity and inspire positive change in our communities.

Thank you for considering my concerns. I hope that Conservation Volunteers Australia will take this feedback into account and take action to uphold its commitment to environmental conservation.