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As sponsors line up to align themselves with Tasmania’s new AFL team, advertising industry group, Comms Declare, is writing to the Tasmania AFL Board and Brand Tasmania, asking them to rule out fossil fuels.

International companies are reportedly lining up to sponsor the new club. Elsewhere, clubs in all sports are being criticised for accepting money from coal, oil and gas companies which are causing irreparable damage to people’s health and to the climate.

Comms Declare Founder, Belinda Noble said, “Tasmania is known across Australia and around the world for its pristine environment and clean energy.

“We would hate to see Tasmania’s image tainted by a big oil or gas company that is damaging our health and environment.

“We call on Brand Tasmania and the Tasmania FC board to rule out fossil fuel companies as sponsors,” she added.

The Australian Rugby Union team was recently lampooned in a protest by a zombie rugby team, ‘The Dead Wallabies’ outside parliament house in Canberra, because of its sponsorship deal with Santos.

Parents have protested against Woodside’s sponsorship of Western Australia’s Nipper program, and Fremantle AFL club members have called on the club to drop Woodside as a sponsor.

Tennis Australia reportedly dropped Santos as a sponsor in the middle of a three-year contract following a campaign by climate activists. South Australia’s Santos Tour Down Under has also been the target of extensive protests.