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I am writing as the founder of Comms Declare, a group of marcomms professionals that advocates for climate action.

We are concerned that the Walkleys has Ampol as a sponsor. This association gives reputational cover to Australia’s largest transport fuel provider – a main driver of climate change.

Despite talking a big game on decarbonisation, Ampol is expanding its international operations, has no concrete plans to reduce its main (scope 3) emissions and has demand forecasts that are not consistent with the Paris Agreement.

It is a large political donor, heavy advertiser and has been accused of greenwashing for claiming it has ‘carbon neutral fuel’.

In addition, air pollution from burning fossil fuels kills more people globally than tobacco smoking.

You may have seen the latest IPCC report (AR6 WGIII) mentioned Australia as a country where “fossil fuel industries have unique access to mainstream media.. shaping narratives of media reports and exerting political influence”.

On behalf of our members, I am asking that you please drop Ampol as a sponsor to preserve, not only our health and climate, but also the reputation of the communications industries.

Kind Regards

Belinda Noble

Photo by Bernd ???? Dittrich on Unsplash