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We’re proud to announce that Republic of Everyone is Australia’s most climate-friendly agency.

The pioneering sustainability and social impact creative agency is our Climate Comms Champion for 2022, following a survey that was sent to more than 100 Australian agencies.

Ben Peacock, Founder and Global Director of the agency said, “It’s always been frustrating to me that so much of the creativity of our industry goes into selling things that are ultimately destructive to the world. We’ve always seen creativity as a force for good, so it’s very appreciated to have our efforts recognised. But, more importantly, we’d like to recognise Comms Declare back for the amazing work they are doing. We are but one company. The work they do has the power to change the entire industry, and the industry does need to change if it is to help deliver the kind of world that most of the people who work in it would like to live in.”

Agencies were assessed on their climate policies, emissions reduction efforts and clients.

Runners up were independent media agencies Alchemy One, Benedictus Media and digital management firm, Quiip.

All the finalists are also BCorps and members of Comms Declare.

For the third year running, the survey was conducted by research and consulting firm, The Navigators.

The previous two years were won by Benedictus Media. Unlike last year, no award has been given to a large agency.

Thanks to everyone who did the survey and keep up the great work setting the bar for climate action in Australia’s marketing, PR, advertising, media and communications industries.

Declare for the climate now!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash