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Your awards set the benchmark for excellence in the creative industries – the same industries that shape opinion of the biggest threat we face – climate breakdown.

The planet could reach 1.5 degrees average warming on pre-industrial levels by 2024. At that time, we will see more extreme weather, food insecurity and mass extinctions on land and sea. Coal, gas and petroleum account for around 65% of the world’s greenhouse gases. And Australia’s combined domestic and exported emissions are responsible for around 5% of the world’s carbon dioxide – on par with Russia.

If we continue with our current fossil fuel use the Great Barrier Reef will die and deadly droughts, storms, floods and fires will increase.

So we’re asking you one thing – don’t give awards to fossil fuel ads.

Comms Declare represents more than 270+ communications professionals and 66+ organisations that have agreed to not promote these damaging products and the companies that profit from them.

Our members want our industry to be respected, ethical and on the right side of history. We join doctors, vets, engineers, architects, builders, teachers and many more professions who refuse to be part of the problem.

You wouldn’t award campaigns promoting smoking – so why fossil fuels?

In many circumstances, there are now cleaner and cheaper alternatives to coal and gas, especially for energy generation.  

To promote this campaign we have started an online petition. Please help us by promising that you won’t award ads or campaigns that promote one of the greatest threats to our future.

Yours Sincerely

Belinda Noble and Cally Jackson

Comms Declare