Climate Comms Champions

Benedictus Media named the inaugural Climate Comms Champion by Craig Reucassel at Mumbrella360. Watch the presentation below or read more here.

We sent a survey to 200 of the top agencies, asking about their climate policies and actions. The answers determined which agency is named Australia’s inaugural Climate Comms Champion.

The survey was devised by The Navigators and sent by Trinity P3, who both kindly donated their time.

We hope it will prompt larger, mainstream agencies to consider their climate impact and spur more positive action and transparency.


The communications, media, marketing, PR and advertising industries are essential to promoting the transition to the new, green economy.


We believe we can help by promoting agencies that are conscious of their own greenhouse footprint and, that support clients to make ethical and sustainable decisions – without greenwashing.

Of course, our Members are all champions.

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We advocate for industry professionals to use their talents to help Australia transition away from fossil fuels and towards a sustainable economy. We believe that you can’t be ethical while promoting actions that are causing damage to the environment and future generations.

We also file complaints about advertising and media that is at odds with the need to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

Sign our petition: Stop the promotion of fossil fuels

Read our articles about countering greenwashing.

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